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The Alliance for Animal Rights (A.F.A.R.) Since 1989, AFAR have campaigned relentlessly for animal liberation in Ireland.

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International events in 2011

International Animal Rights Gathering 2011


AFAR has been getting out our (mainly Saturday) Information tables again as the weather has improved.

We’ve got lots of new flyers and boards .

If any of you want to help its usually for say 2-3 hours on a Saturday either in Town at college Green or in the suburbs .ie Malahide, Blackrock etc. We go where suits us on the day usually and weather permitting. Sometimes we just give out Flyers with no table. We need to get our viewpoints out there to the general public and its usually a sociable way to spend a Saturday meeting people.

So anyone up for helping out? You won’t be alone so no need for any experience. Give me a shout and I can fill you in  with more details. It’s a loose arrangement finalised on the day ,mainly due to unpredictable weather.

If some of you would prefer to just give out flyers with a friend I can get them to you. Pictures of some of our tabling above. The deputy lord Mayor of DUBLIN even stopped by.


take care

Alliance for Animal Rights.



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